Life, A Legacy 2017

by The J.D.S.



Album dedicated to Ian Curtis to celebrate his 61th birthday. Artwork by Roni Fux.


released July 15, 2017



all rights reserved


The J.D.S. UK

The Joy Division Syndicate gathers Joy Division fans who want to make or to listen to the sound of Joy Division in another way than just the existing albums or the traditional covers.

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Track Name: JDA - Tangible Shape - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
Tangible Shape

All things that used to seem all right
Blown in a flash of blinding light

Couldn't believe we've been so far
Inside a frame of antique stars

Abandoning the things we know
Seeking anywhere else to go

Can't see limits of raging floods
No use to hide inside the crowd

Numberless minds calling for grace
Can hear the vibe under this place

Interlacing another mesh
Cutting the new flowers so fresh

Here comes a sun we all adore
Late night hearing a great encore

Just can't see why we're feeling so
Maybe they know what's left to do

Another home another day
Maybe too late - hey, comes what may

Something inside says we're all wrong
Another day another song

Crossing iron for the great cause
Fighting devils who need their dose

Could you hear them speak all at once?
You can be sure i'll make it twice
Track Name: Verocity Exquisition - Heart Sublimation - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
Heart Sublimation

A velvety message suggesting you to wait...
But you'd better wake up, as tomorrow's too late!
The spirit and the fact look so hard to connect,
Most people halt upset, just blocked at the gate!

Biting faces again, all showing the wrong line,
While the veracious goal seems a mountain to climb!
The cup they propose, pierced and always dry,
Empty pockets for you, whatever you try!

The beasts keep devoring, you hope for a sign,
While they're at their feast, you solve nods of time
Identification of the source denial,
Grasping each object once characterized.

Gone in a heartbeat, all that could have been...
Within the current veil, nothing's what it seems!
A door creaking behind to catch your focusing,
Deepest calculation to escape the ruin!


Approximative sight leading to rude setback,
Deleting indexes that used to guide us all!
A law riddled with lies, a predictable end,
But will you stand still when their league will implode?

Maybe someone warned you, but too long ago!
The end and the means, all you have to know...
Must evaluate all the conditions,
Be ready to get out of this false comfort zone!
Mishaps everywhere forcing to soldier on,
Developping risky tricks to handle with caution!
Pursuing useless freaks earning billions,
Precisely when you had far too much stuff on go!
Track Name: JDA - ICC - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
VS 1

Keep me!

From being left alone
From drowning like a stone

Keep me!

From odd machineries
From the grave that i digged

Keep me!

From the ghosts and demons
From their plans/glance and their words

Keep me!

From places where I've been
From strangers I've buried, keep me!

RF 1

Keep me from jealous evil eyes
Keep me from the loss of my mind

Keep me from being killed again
Keep me from the wind and the rain

Keep me from a fake abundance
Keep me from an excess of trance

Keep me from belated contracts
Keep me from the will and the act, keep me!

VS 2

Keep me!

From emerging issues
From all forms of abuse

Keep me!

From the gap between us
From the less and the plus

Keep me!

From the night and the day
From their deeds and their ways

Keep me!

From unfair martyrdom
From all lacks of wisdom, keep me!

RF 2

Keep me from tenebrous dead ends
Keep me from harmful influence

Keep me from altered promises
Keep me from dishonest profits

Keep me from pompous ideals
Keep me from their cult of idols

Keep me from unknown distasters
Keep me from usurping masters

VS 3

Keep me!

From wayward cannibals
And mistaken pastors

Keep me!

From the wounds of my soul
And the need to control

Keep me!

From the crooks in disguise, [Immedicably doomed...]
From the dogs and their ties, [And the bones they exhume]

Keep me!

From warrens always blocked, [Collapsing and unsure...]
From the impossible, [And the scourge of failure]

Keep me!
Track Name: RETROVIZOR - My Celestial Friends - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
RETROVIZOR - My celestial friends

Along the non smiling boulevard
There are my friends
Leaving without goodbye

Along the never come back boulevard
There are my friends
Leaving suddenly

Carried by the hands of our friends
In oak coffins
Leaving alone and barren

In the line of voiceless sighs
There are my friends
Leaving somewhere

My celestial friends
Fantasy tears or only rain
Unfinished dream
Lost target and a discussion
With no conclusion

In long sleepless nights
Along mystery paths
Neon-lit tunnels
They are coming back

Along halls and ways
Alone or in groups
They are coming
Hordes rushing
Leaving no trace

My celestial friends, my celestial friends…

My celestial friends
Strange creations from an unfinished drawing
It’s difficult to endure
Tears and songs, laughter and cry
Of my celestial friends
Track Name: The Unknown Pressures - Alterity - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
Verse 1

In the heart of the night, some heat you can't describe, forever consuming, forever caring,

When you close your eyes, the sight of paradise, living vibration on some infinite string...

Refrain 1

A light so blinding, even afraid to get asleep - was the world born in its intended form ?

Figure out how long to such destination - endless parallels make the unknown just feel like home...

Cheater godlings keep on mocking but quicly pulled back where they came from!

Again and again, can you feel the strain ? Cosmic intention, boiling like a storm.

Verse 2

Protected from harm, curled up in the hands of some superior mind...

The things that I said, the price you had to pay, stones without value lying all along the way

Refrain 2

Can still remember each and everything, I never changed, but so many things happened

Thousands of memories come back all at once, and I suddenly feel like...

...Wheels turning... and... times going, and... again and again, again and again

Will a friendly presence help, to find the glide path ?

Verse 3

Hours passing in slow motion, want to forget - how can it be ?

An unpredicted force grows at each movement, feeds each aspect, colors each moment.

Refrain 3

Expected things that never came, tensions increased, yet unsolved,

Thousands of thoughts raising all at once, remembering all that was done,

Wheels turning and mornings to come, again and again, again and again

Will a friendly presence help to find the right tone ?

Verse 4

Angels dance above your head, filling in your secret sky.

Whatever the good inside of you, lonely workers preclude each other.

Refrain 4

Deep within your dreams, echoes in the realm keep fledging arrows,

Can hear voices in the distance - guess people busy challenging chance

Soldiers howling "Yes sir!" - I won't join in the choir, I know where to go and I know what is worth

All things of yesterday will come back their own way, far-stretched undertaking and award so splendid.
Track Name: From Safety To Here - Forgotten Tree - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
We were walking side by side for final change of horizon.
Never mind a shady night - all things happen for some reason.
No one answers reality: simply say who's wearing the crown?
While twits become willingly blind, holy jealousy means wisdom.

Then the wind carried rumours, as obtsacles started merging.
Proximity healing your mind, always new form of energy.
Here comes the time to do your part, to reach a full understanding,
To name things right and step forward, cyclically seeking mercy.

Can you remember who you are? You were pulled so far from the dance!
Searching for higher forms of art, just to repair the alliance.
Honoring your elders now gone, models and guides to act with strength.
A crime duly prevented now, under providential balance.

Wars and troubles surrounded you, endless lies you never believed.
There is a grail even for fools, spent all night watching their deal.
Staying yourself in the storm's eye, always pure for victory,
Things you preserved now back for you, each one turned to immense glory

History flying like a bird, all of us busy on hatching.
As your ground is tremoring, clouds in anger - all to be seen!
A true witness on future facts, pact of blood for stability.
Restored souls will never covet, a grace from divine royalty.
What was unlikely to happen, defining today's true story.
Perpetual change at every scale, building from the abolished.
Track Name: Joel Dreaver and W. Shadfrith - Unconquered - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
Inviting to a trip to the safest place
Green and sunny country where there is no end
Just like years before, the key's yours again
Gold shines forever, the book is opened

A man's life on the road, a rest you deserve
Flowers in the valleys, fragrance in the air
Echoes of the birds celebrate the day
They'll sing forever, the door is opened
Way back, in the old years
Way back, before your days

What they all answered when you called for help
What they've done after, face and tears so fake
Way back, on the heyday
Way back, no game to play

Way back, as if you were,
Way back, past forever
Way back, in the old days
Way back, before yourself

Way back, starting again,
Way back, morph into better
Way back, no more mistakes,
Way back, feel so impressed
Way back, land so quiet,
Way back, no man invents
Way back, always ahead,
Way back, the chance you take
Way back, living the spell,
Way back, beauty itself
Track Name: Control Must Break - Solemn Chortle - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
Making the most with so few,
Forgetting those who once fooled you.
Minds bend as lies enter the place,
Zombies in need of anything new.
Not seen real humans for ages,
Might be searching for better ground.

Connivance in every room,
A convex frame evicting you!
Now you feel in a hurry,
But all your stuff is taken too!
Turned you to forced accessory,
How could you find any way out?

Disguise for their abysmal doom,
Hopes and joy nowhere to be found!
Robbers as kings and crowds agree,
Sheltered in dormitory towns.
Official tale flattering sins,
Besotted pawns asking for more!
Track Name: Four In The Subway - Aggregate - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
Getting back to essential truth, to turn the page for different views.
Daydreaming sheeps so contagious, why wisemen always stay aloof.
Flickering hopes amid your gloom, nightmare set up to shut your soul.
Shiny moments just turned to blue, all wasted by a sorry crew.
A social rule based on murder, great reverence for mass butchers,
They deep such horrors in reserve, figuring out gives you shivers.
Will you go on in your quest, or just stumble - puzzled and daze?
Can still feel heartbeats in your chest, the fear they bring lets you no rest.

Caught in a cage so confusing, feeding a fawn always hungry.
Someone robbed all your legacy, no one gets back the blood they steal.
Hypocrisy you've never seen, smiling at you with all their teeth.
Jelling ideas that look so keen, to solve a situation so mean.
Knocks on the door late in the night, quick decisions to save your life...
Flux reception that has no price, as this whole world rapidly dies.
Interference of rays so bright, saying it could all turn so nice.
Just let's go for a stroll at last, to change the sway and have it right.

Liars define your daily ways, the trick never entered your head!
Extravagance fills in the blanks, d'you need their help ? Sorry they can't!
Another prey will fall again, legions falling like tears of rain.
So many times tried to escape, but they'll never let you away.
Bandits planning further assaults, but you've paid for all their faults!
Some warning not to play with guns, while others keep killing for fun...
Tyrants mention whom they'll devore, your spine trembling at each new word!
Days of hope and days to run, all depends how heaven turns.
Track Name: Alice In JD Land - Declivity - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
From visceral perception... to false instruction!
Relay's lost somewhere - needs fine inspection!
Ethical giants... vanished centuries ago,
Soon replaced by those... who try hard to enslave you!
Their decrees and their laws? A cruelty never seen!
None of them could even stand... in front of wisemen!
All the ones you used to know : changed into perverts!
Even your bro' turned his back : gone with your money!

You're hoping for a change - you're the bird to tame,
Almost all those who tried to reach... dispersion the same!
A vortex of vain things... decorate your days:
T.V. always on... helping you to wait and wait...
Stuff on none of your business - useless idiocy!
Luxury spread fore your eyes - already sleeping!
You dream of buying some bread... Now bakery's closed!
A legend says the guy's left... But you know who chopped!

Special attention given... to your typology,
Exceptional science... to rob without seeming!
There's a hand in your pocket - unidentified!
Two others cover your eyes - except for the ads!
Puke and blood and bones and heads... are everywhere to be seen,
Crimes and wars and crimes again... in exponential increase!
Someone got bored with your life... they now play with you!
Don't imagine you'll have fun : there's a ball, guess who?

No surprise that sincere men finally... hang themselves!
Hungry masses driven crazy : nothing's on the shelves!
Government say it's okay - what's the use to fight?
Agents work on solving your ways - why holding your right?
Track Name: Atmospheres Apart - Treasured - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
So close to forgive, transcend any grief...
Rivers in your mind bring flowers and rhymes...
A future newborn, then strange reflections...
Shivering water - have to decipher...

You captured a spark, I delivered mine...
A look at your face, everything is said...
A brand new version, slay contradictions...
You'll never forget, they'll never regain...


So close to get out, wind and foreign routes...
Nameless fogs hide on, surely not for long...
Shivering shoulders, what's in the packet?..
Only way to know, switch on the right glow...

Illusions of Earth, summers and winters...
Pure intuition, saving each function...
Illusions you built, then feeding new guilt...
You found out glimmers, figured out the fair...


So close to passion, but the clock is on...
Fruits eaten straight now, others to be dropped...
The trees on the side, you just wonder why...
The ends of the scale, the traps in the maze...

An escape unsure (ènshoor), wander in the moor (mowr),
Shivering fondness, cosmic blessedness...
All the joy you found, never to be bound...
The wounds and the breaks, the road and the pace...
Track Name: From Safety to Here - Such A Pearl In Your Hands - Dedicated to Ian Curtis
Such A Pearl In Your Hands


A bygone question, firmly unanswered
A first intention, pending forever

Metamorphic stress for so many hearts
Esthetic distress hits the notes so hard


The tale's unfolded, (be)fore incredulous eyes
A pack of mutants seeking paradise

There once was a goal without compromise
They've gone out of mind, to divine despise

Some play the lions, just as small as mice
One day will perish, soul cut into dice

Your attempts all failed, the task has a price
But should carry on, won't solve in a trice


Buried in the past, a phenix awaits
Explorers digging, don't wanna be late!

Golden reflection, you couldn't believe!
This precise moment when losers all leave!


Telling the truth, is this all worth?
People confuse between south and north...

A cascade of force, will I need some more?
As tension gets worse, closer to the core!

I've seen them running, following their lords
Docile as required, never to endorse

Alternative ways, leading to the source
Such a seizing fork, transcending the course


Fleeting emotion, an angel watching,
All still possible, flower in the spring,

Cyclic as nature, tricky to align,
At times it could seem so labyrinthine


Vibrations confirm, the presence untold,
Supreme wisdom knows, the brave hearts so bold

We carried a hope, surprises to come
Some evolution, building a new home

I heard nails scratching, no one's at the door!
I can see footprints, on an empty floor!

We thought they were lost, caught by a bad storm,
There's no farewell, as the sound rings on,


Alleys paved so clean, borough so tidy
Your judges were sold, won't show no mercy

One two three four five, but where have you been?
Already decades, that no one has seen...


Sudden lightnings blaze, until the last flash,
Is there any fate? Will we turn to ash?

Astronomic length, the race just began
And one single path, for myriads of fans

Shores never stay dry, been held in the brine,
After all goodbyes, a new friend of mine

Eons can linger mysteriously calm
Narrow aperture, maybe final palm




I remember, when I was young
Nothing to do, just play the fool

Movie shut off without more ado
So close to the end, you will never know


Endless debates on potential things
Dusty stuff and old rusty strings

They clamp the voltage, in case you dismiss
Now you're on your own, chasing the next bliss

Erosion of life, as you laid asleep,
All your crazy dreams, gone out in the wind

Breathtaking landscape, relief so splendid
Solid rememberance, face almost vivid


How could I forget ? Browsed so many lands!
No way to give up, the key's in your hands

Ghostlike wanderers, soon tamed and locked up,
They stopped half the way, sorry not my cup!


A priceless image wraped in years gone by,
Echo of a choir refusing to die,

Inserted again, have another try
Louder and louder, a distorted cry

Waving arm in time, an old mate complies,
Checking back what's done, can see far and wide,

A heat on our skins, with the morning light
At regular pace, sharing same delight


A rotation, neverending
While we stay safe under His wing

Hidden treasures, melting snow delivers
Dormant rewards, can wake in a shiver


How many more points to accomplish?
Hold your ideals close : they could vanish

What kind of progress, shutting up like this?
What will spread someday? The case will dehisce...

Out of human sight, all things you could wish
Snakes ain't on same page, I can hear them swish

The beauty of yore, thrown to the abyss
Bitten to the bone, betrayed in a hiss


A trail of glitter leads us to this place
You're a part of it, spark in the right space

Wondering what's next - watching the new dawn
Soon the names will change, beware it won't warn !


Grabbing the ladder to greater heaven
Squishing quick footsteps - should hide your leaven

There's a thing that knows the smallest details,
Transposing the whole to gigantic scales

Subtle signs show you, slipping universe,
Fixing lame orbits that would lead nowhere

The chart squarely tells all you have to mend
All clues to be found will come in the end