Life, A Legacy

by Various Artists



Hommage compilation to celebrate Ian Curtis'es 60th birthday.

This event will be perpetuated.

Special greetings to Tony Nuttall who helped much in the elaboration of the music for the track "Deborah" and who offered up to the song some of his verses.

Countless thanks to Laurent Chambert, who helped making this compilation a reality and proved complete availability at each step of the long-term and still continuing process.

Beside the yearly episodes of this compilation, some parallel productions by the artists involved in this project of reviving Joy Division's type of sound might occur on a regular basis. Stay tuned !


released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


The J.D.S. UK

The Joy Division Syndicate gathers Joy Division fans who want to make or to listen to the sound of Joy Division in another way than just the existing albums or the traditional covers.

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Track Name: Tony Nuttall & The Unknown Pressures - Deborah
Stars in their courses, songs and their verses - they seem out of time !
Ideas you admit just to feel all right - will you pay a dime ?

They stand up waiting begging for answers - has it all a rhyme ?
Seeing daylight again, a dialectical outcome - love retrained !

They all merely wait for a little time
To declare themselves and sing out their line.
Awake ! Please awake ! And utter a song, just like the bees do...

The stars in their courses, they fought from heaven,
Treading down with strength.
Shall we be like beggars starving, lost in a deep night ?

Shadows went away but no time for fun !
Action is better than a game you play.
At times you feel lost searching for a boss,
Ready to buy anything they say !

Shall we walk beside or lay on the ground as they want us to ?
Shall we be as the sun going forth in its might at noon ?
Track Name: Dulac - Le Fil

Je marche sur un fil de lumière translucide
arraché au temps et à la colère des hydres.
dans les vibrations de l'air
J'entends des voix qui m'appellent.

Je sais que mes alters me suivent à la trace.
J'ai sorti mon ombre et mon singe de leur cage.
Mais j'ai perdu mes égos en route
Oubliés dans le vide et les doutes.

Les enfants-bulle me jettent des larmes de pierre.
Ils m'accusent de venir incendier leur ciel.
Mais je tiens sur mon fil de lumière
Et je suis les voix qui m'appellent.

Je marche sur un fil qui ne mène nulle part
Accroché aux griffes des méandres du hasard
Est-ce la peur du vide qui ,me porte
Je ne sens plus les soutes qui débordent.

Je marche sur un fil de lumière translucide
A chacun de mes pas je sens l'onde qui me guide
Arriverai-je un jour à sortir
De ce long labyrinthe éthérique ?
Track Name: Bruit Noir - My Bloody Division
I am 41 years old, soon 42, my gums are vanishing.

I am in... the 13th flat... where I lived. You can hear... a guy, who might be... mowing the lawn or... cleaning a wall, with a Kärcher, I donno !

When I was 17, I arrived in Paris, and I heard this sound for the first time.

Heart and soul, heart and soul, heart and soul.

How many times I listened to this disc !.. In the 13 flats where I lived.

Heart and soul.

Bertrand... Bertrand hand lent me a book, with Ian Curtis'es lyrics.

Ian Curtis'es tragedy, was not that much his unhappiness - this is just normal.

What was surprising, or what is really sad, is that he was surrounded by neirds all his life long. Surrounded by neirds. A miracle that he made anything. A miracle to ever succeed... in anything - you are so much surrounded by neirds !

The book, that Bertrand had lent to me, this was Ian Curtis'es lyrics : an Italian edition with, on one side, the lyrics in English, and on the other, the lyrics in Italian.

Decorative Arts. Since then, Joy Division, "the divisions of joy", are associated with Primo Levi, Imre Kertész and Jean Améry, Atrocity Exhibition, Atrocity Exhibition.

I... 13 movings in soon 42 years, soon without gums anymore, perhaps... I will lose my teeth, like Houellebecq on the pictures in Rock'N'Folk - how awful ! How awful, the age ! At least, Ian Curtis, he never lost his teeth !

One two three four five six seven, one two three four five six seven... Heart and soul, heart and soul.

Evrybody burnt, in the joy divisions. Except Primo Levi, Imre Kertész, Jean Améry.

You can have other concerns than teeth about to go. You can have other concerns.

The sad thing is not really that he was sad - the so sad thing is that he was surrounded by neirds ! You should remove all neirds - and just keep Ian Curtis, Imre Kertész, Primo Levi, Jean Améry, and Bertrand - I should give him back his book.


J'ai quarante-et-un ans, bientôt quarante-deux, j'ai les gencives qui disparaissent.

Je suis dans... le treizième appartement... où j'ai vécu. On entend... un mec, qui doit... tondre une pelouse ou... nettoyer un... un mur, au Kärsher, j'en sais rien !

Quand j'avais dix-sept ans, je suis arrivé à Paris, et j'ai entendu ce son pour la première fois.

Heart and soul, heart and soul, heart and soul.

Combien de fois j'ai écouté ce disque !.. Dans les treize appartements où j'ai vécu.

Heart and soul.

Bertrand... Bertrand m'avait prêté un livre, avec les paroles de Ian Curtis.

Le drame de Ian Curtis, c'est pas tellement qu'il ait été malheureux - c'est normal.

Ce qui est surprenant, ou ce qui est vraiment triste, c'est qu'il ait été entouré d'abrutis toute sa vie. Entouré d'abrutis. C'est miraculeux qu'il ait fait quelque chose. C'est miraculeux d'arriver jamais... à quoi que ce soit - on est tellement entourés d'abrutis !

Le livre, que m'avait prêté Bertrand, c'étaient les paroles de Ian Curtis : une édition italienne avec, d'un côté, les paroles en anglais, et de l'autre, les paroles en italien.

Arts déco'. Depuis ce moment là, Joy Division, les divisions de la joie, sont associées à Primo Levi, Imre Kertész et Jean Améry, Atrocity Exhibition, Atrocity Exhibition.

Moi... treize déménagements en bientôt 42 ans, sans bientôt plus de gencives, peut-être... que je vais perdre mes dents, comme Houellebecq sur les photos dans Rock'n'Folk - quelle horreur, quelle horreur la vieillesse ! Au moins, Ian Curtis lui, il a jamais perdu ses dents !

One two three four five six seven, one two three four five six seven... Heart and soul, heart and soul.

Tout le monde a brûlé, dans les divisions de la joie. Sauf Primo Levi, Imre Kertész, Jean Améry.

On peut avoir d'autres soucis que des dents qui vont partir. On peut avoir d'autres soucis.

C'est pas tellement triste qu'il ait été triste - c'est tellement triste qu'il ait été entouré d'abrutis ! On devrait supprimer tous les abrutis - et ne garder que Ian Curtis, Imre Kertész, Primo Levi, Jean Améry, et Bertrand - faudrait que je lui rende son livre.
Track Name: Joel Dreaver - Star-Crossed
On the day you went away
Tears are falling, fears of pain

Like the star that bears your name
Dying ashes, dreams they fade

If only you could understand
I need to go back to where it began

With a promise to keep to you
It had always been the truth

Like your voice slowly fades
The dream to be right by your side

Nothing can be come undone
Like the night our souls coincide

I have dreamt my life for you
And your feelings must be true

Like the day you said you loved me
Nothing can ever ring more truth

But I must now let you go
To be with whom you do choose

But never let the dreams go away
If ever you decide someday

I will always stand with you
Until the day the dreams come through

To see the burning of your light
I'll always be true for you

Cherish all you ever were
To me the only girl I loved

On the day you went away
Dying ashes, dreams they fade.