Exercise Ten - 2016

by Verocity Exquisition

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Satellite work to the compilation "Life, A Legacy" dedicated to Ian Curtis on his 60th birthday.


released January 24, 2017



all rights reserved


The J.D.S. UK

The Joy Division Syndicate gathers Joy Division fans who want to make or to listen to the sound of Joy Division in another way than just the existing albums or the traditional covers.

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Track Name: Intuition
Are you asking for special improvements ?
A trick leads you to subjective achievements !
A disease unknown invades each moment !
They're now shedding tears - waves on the ocean !

What can you repair sitting on a chair ?
There might be some trap deep in the program !
No one told you - trya get back !
Here's the system as they're all on your track !


They just wanna sell remnants of your soul
One button to push the effort is yours !
No light on the way - until you decide !
And who's to blame if you prefer to hide ?

Promises are here, the mirror won't break
Find a reason - seems so far away !
Leaders planning countless injuries,
They trya kill your sons - but will you care ?

They try to kill your sons - but who's to blame ?


Let them reach into the chest...
The maxim is written - no one can escape !
See them in need of an identity,
Masses trembling enslaved by fear.

What will they say when the game is over ?
They swore to rub your name - keep laughing at them !
It's gone way too far - skin and the bones !
Outside the wind blows on and on...


When will you choose to learn again ?
Waves in your mind bind you tightly.
Random effects of unexpected words,
They try to fool you but you hear they come...

You're under attack - they're all carried away
You hear they come - can anyone help ?
Honorable job - this is what they say !
But look behind you : they're soon dead and gone !


Seasons have passed - facts are the same
Say what you want - no one will care !
Ideas get back as evening comes,
Harder influence... and vision gone blurred.

Run to your goal at a speed never seen,
Lights of this town exploding all around.
Vertigo chilled them as they knew what is on !
In mid of a dream for happy things to come !

Hear they come in the distance...