Exercise Eleven - 2016

by Verocity Exquisition

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Satellite work to the compilation "Life, A Legacy" dedicated to Ian Curtis on his 60th birthday.



released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


The J.D.S. UK

The Joy Division Syndicate gathers Joy Division fans who want to make or to listen to the sound of Joy Division in another way than just the existing albums or the traditional covers.

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Track Name: Torsion
Have you seen people reeling under a spell ?
No convenience at all in seeking more than answers.
Many worship so shiny fairy tales,
Compelling tags that finally won over them.
Dreamy speeches echoing all around,
Will it ever cut any ice with you ?
Looks like the verge of the next disaster,
As no one seems alert any longer.
Most hide in the sand, waiting for the storm to go,
While others are forced to trail below zero.
Proudest hearts stay cold iron,
While others can't find anywhere to call a home.
Someone told you how to fit in,
They tried to persuade you that you could be akin.
But the face and a mask will never be the same,
How could there ever be any way to compare?
The shine was taken off each and every place,
Exploiters trying hard to bury us into distress.
To the masses indeed a complete curse,
For sure they have plenty of bones to pick with us!
Can't help thinking that this won't last,
Soon these horrors will sink deep into the past...
But how much more pain to undergo ?
Families ripped apart just like bundles of straw!
Fashion addicts gamely dip into the play,
Celebration broadcast by so many speakers!
Cheap cries incense the fools around the world,
Leading us to a state too stupid for words.
Mental pressure decidedly unrelenting,
By day and by night you should always keep on fighting,
An ill gotten power as official remedy,
Pretended godsend to Humanity!
A whole planet now gone out of order,
Unless you dispel them it's you in the corner.
The resistance might certainly have been blunt,
No wonder if one day this madhouse gets burnt.
Early birds flew away so long ago,
I'd prefer not to see the sad remains of the zoo.
The process is now almost finished,
Just a step more and you'll become a fried fish!

Will the drums of time just roll and cease?

Washed down by the rain... Will we meet again?
Washed down by the rain... Not be seen again...