JDA - ICC - Dedicated to Ian Curtis

from by The J.D.S.



Song originally created as a draft in 2014 and completed as a full song to celebrate Ian Curtis'es 61th birthday on July 215, 2017.

The story of this song is weird, as it seemed difficult to create lyrics strong enough to be put on this track. However the idea came naturally as some effects featured built accidentally the words "Keep me" or something similar. The fact is that this happily accidental sound really ringed like Ian Curtis'es voice... Computer artefact that couldn't have occured a more haunting way.

"C" stands for "current".


VS 1

Keep me!

From being left alone
From drowning like a stone

Keep me!

From odd machineries
From the grave that i digged

Keep me!

From the ghosts and demons
From their plans/glance and their words

Keep me!

From places where I've been
From strangers I've buried, keep me!

RF 1

Keep me from jealous evil eyes
Keep me from the loss of my mind

Keep me from being killed again
Keep me from the wind and the rain

Keep me from a fake abundance
Keep me from an excess of trance

Keep me from belated contracts
Keep me from the will and the act, keep me!

VS 2

Keep me!

From emerging issues
From all forms of abuse

Keep me!

From the gap between us
From the less and the plus

Keep me!

From the night and the day
From their deeds and their ways

Keep me!

From unfair martyrdom
From all lacks of wisdom, keep me!

RF 2

Keep me from tenebrous dead ends
Keep me from harmful influence

Keep me from altered promises
Keep me from dishonest profits

Keep me from pompous ideals
Keep me from their cult of idols

Keep me from unknown distasters
Keep me from usurping masters

VS 3

Keep me!

From wayward cannibals
And mistaken pastors

Keep me!

From the wounds of my soul
And the need to control

Keep me!

From the crooks in disguise, [Immedicably doomed...]
From the dogs and their ties, [And the bones they exhume]

Keep me!

From warrens always blocked, [Collapsing and unsure...]
From the impossible, [And the scourge of failure]

Keep me!


from Life, A Legacy 2017, released July 15, 2017



all rights reserved


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