The Unknown Pressures - Alterity - Dedicated to Ian Curtis

from by The J.D.S.



Song created as an hommage to Ian Curtis.


Verse 1

In the heart of the night, some heat you can't describe, forever consuming, forever caring,

When you close your eyes, the sight of paradise, living vibration on some infinite string...

Refrain 1

A light so blinding, even afraid to get asleep - was the world born in its intended form ?

Figure out how long to such destination - endless parallels make the unknown just feel like home...

Cheater godlings keep on mocking but quicly pulled back where they came from!

Again and again, can you feel the strain ? Cosmic intention, boiling like a storm.

Verse 2

Protected from harm, curled up in the hands of some superior mind...

The things that I said, the price you had to pay, stones without value lying all along the way

Refrain 2

Can still remember each and everything, I never changed, but so many things happened

Thousands of memories come back all at once, and I suddenly feel like...

...Wheels turning... and... times going, and... again and again, again and again

Will a friendly presence help, to find the glide path ?

Verse 3

Hours passing in slow motion, want to forget - how can it be ?

An unpredicted force grows at each movement, feeds each aspect, colors each moment.

Refrain 3

Expected things that never came, tensions increased, yet unsolved,

Thousands of thoughts raising all at once, remembering all that was done,

Wheels turning and mornings to come, again and again, again and again

Will a friendly presence help to find the right tone ?

Verse 4

Angels dance above your head, filling in your secret sky.

Whatever the good inside of you, lonely workers preclude each other.

Refrain 4

Deep within your dreams, echoes in the realm keep fledging arrows,

Can hear voices in the distance - guess people busy challenging chance

Soldiers howling "Yes sir!" - I won't join in the choir, I know where to go and I know what is worth

All things of yesterday will come back their own way, far-stretched undertaking and award so splendid.


from Life, A Legacy 2017, released July 15, 2017



all rights reserved


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