Four In The Subway - Aggregate - Dedicated to Ian Curtis

from by The J.D.S.



Song dedicated to Ian Curtis to celebrate his 61th birthday.


Getting back to essential truth, to turn the page for different views.
Daydreaming sheeps so contagious, why wisemen always stay aloof.
Flickering hopes amid your gloom, nightmare set up to shut your soul.
Shiny moments just turned to blue, all wasted by a sorry crew.
A social rule based on murder, great reverence for mass butchers,
They deep such horrors in reserve, figuring out gives you shivers.
Will you go on in your quest, or just stumble - puzzled and daze?
Can still feel heartbeats in your chest, the fear they bring lets you no rest.

Caught in a cage so confusing, feeding a fawn always hungry.
Someone robbed all your legacy, no one gets back the blood they steal.
Hypocrisy you've never seen, smiling at you with all their teeth.
Jelling ideas that look so keen, to solve a situation so mean.
Knocks on the door late in the night, quick decisions to save your life...
Flux reception that has no price, as this whole world rapidly dies.
Interference of rays so bright, saying it could all turn so nice.
Just let's go for a stroll at last, to change the sway and have it right.

Liars define your daily ways, the trick never entered your head!
Extravagance fills in the blanks, d'you need their help ? Sorry they can't!
Another prey will fall again, legions falling like tears of rain.
So many times tried to escape, but they'll never let you away.
Bandits planning further assaults, but you've paid for all their faults!
Some warning not to play with guns, while others keep killing for fun...
Tyrants mention whom they'll devore, your spine trembling at each new word!
Days of hope and days to run, all depends how heaven turns.


from Life, A Legacy 2017, released July 15, 2017



all rights reserved


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