Verocity Exquisition - Heart Sublimation - Dedicated to Ian Curtis

from by The J.D.S.



Song especially created to celebrate Ian Curtis'es 61th birthday.


Heart Sublimation

A velvety message suggesting you to wait...
But you'd better wake up, as tomorrow's too late!
The spirit and the fact look so hard to connect,
Most people halt upset, just blocked at the gate!

Biting faces again, all showing the wrong line,
While the veracious goal seems a mountain to climb!
The cup they propose, pierced and always dry,
Empty pockets for you, whatever you try!

The beasts keep devoring, you hope for a sign,
While they're at their feast, you solve nods of time
Identification of the source denial,
Grasping each object once characterized.

Gone in a heartbeat, all that could have been...
Within the current veil, nothing's what it seems!
A door creaking behind to catch your focusing,
Deepest calculation to escape the ruin!


Approximative sight leading to rude setback,
Deleting indexes that used to guide us all!
A law riddled with lies, a predictable end,
But will you stand still when their league will implode?

Maybe someone warned you, but too long ago!
The end and the means, all you have to know...
Must evaluate all the conditions,
Be ready to get out of this false comfort zone!
Mishaps everywhere forcing to soldier on,
Developping risky tricks to handle with caution!
Pursuing useless freaks earning billions,
Precisely when you had far too much stuff on go!


from Life, A Legacy 2017, released July 15, 2017



all rights reserved


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