Alice In JD Land - Declivity - Dedicated to Ian Curtis

from by The J.D.S.



Song dedicated to Ian Curtis to celebrate his 61th birthday on July 15, 2017.


From visceral perception... to false instruction!
Relay's lost somewhere - needs fine inspection!
Ethical giants... vanished centuries ago,
Soon replaced by those... who try hard to enslave you!
Their decrees and their laws? A cruelty never seen!
None of them could even stand... in front of wisemen!
All the ones you used to know : changed into perverts!
Even your bro' turned his back : gone with your money!

You're hoping for a change - you're the bird to tame,
Almost all those who tried to reach... dispersion the same!
A vortex of vain things... decorate your days:
T.V. always on... helping you to wait and wait...
Stuff on none of your business - useless idiocy!
Luxury spread fore your eyes - already sleeping!
You dream of buying some bread... Now bakery's closed!
A legend says the guy's left... But you know who chopped!

Special attention given... to your typology,
Exceptional science... to rob without seeming!
There's a hand in your pocket - unidentified!
Two others cover your eyes - except for the ads!
Puke and blood and bones and heads... are everywhere to be seen,
Crimes and wars and crimes again... in exponential increase!
Someone got bored with your life... they now play with you!
Don't imagine you'll have fun : there's a ball, guess who?

No surprise that sincere men finally... hang themselves!
Hungry masses driven crazy : nothing's on the shelves!
Government say it's okay - what's the use to fight?
Agents work on solving your ways - why holding your right?


from Life, A Legacy 2017, released July 15, 2017



all rights reserved


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